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Becoming A Pilot

Whether you aspire to be a professional pilot, pilot your own aircraft for business, or dream of a fun and fulfilling hobby, I can help you  save time and money.  I truly enjoy and appreciate my profession because when my students walk into the classroom they have a smile on their face.  I guarantee that you will too when you are flying!

My Career

My career began in Kinston NC in 1975 with ISO Aero Service, Inc. providing aircraft maintenance, flight instruction and aircraft charter.  I have held the positions of Chief Flight Instructor for both FAR  61 and 141 operations, Company Check Airman, Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for FAR 135 Air Charter Operations.  During this time ISO Aero owned and operated 33 aircraft for both flight training and aircraft charter. In 1991 I became an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  Then in 2007 I accepted a corporate pilot position with Matt Kenseth Racing, Inc.  Matt is also an avid general aviation pilot having flown and owned several aircraft including the new Cessna Mustang.  I mentored Matt in the Mustang until resigning in February 2011 to return to General Aviation full time. 

Experience Counts!

Throughtout my career I have flown over 15,000 flight hours in a wide variety of airplanes.  Of that time 5000+ hours have been providing instruction as well as pilot mentoring.   My primary emphasis is the basic fundamentals of knownledge, skill and judgement.  My experience will provide a greater level of understanding, skill and safety. 

Certificates & Ratings:

  • ATP Airplane Multi-Engine Land

  • Type Ratings LearJet 60 and Cessna Mustang SP

  • Flight Instuctor Airplane Singe and Multi-Engine 

  • Flight Instructor Instrument

  • Airframe & Powerplant Certificate

  • Inspectors Authorization

  • FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

  • FAA Safety Team Representative

Business Info:

Although I have an office at the Kinston Jetport, I am only there when I have students scheduled.  I provide aircraft maintenance as well as pilot services which keeps me out of the office.  Please contact me by phone or email to schedule a time to meet.  Thanks!

Henley Aviation
Johnny Henley
285 Claude Banks Rd.
Trenton, NC 28585
Airport Location (KISO)  2730 Rouse Rd. Ext. Kinston NC 28504